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An interactive space where science, art, technology and innovation come together.

Visit us in A Summer at the Museum

During January and February of 2024, you can experience a summer-focused event, with activities not only recreational or for entertainment, but also with proposals that feed the thirst for knowledge and curiosity of people.

For the dreamers of today and tomorrow

MuCi is Paraguay’s first interactive science museum. A place to learn, dream, and be inspired through immersive experiences.


In this museum, you can look… and touch

MuCi goes beyond traditional observation and contemplation, creating moments that spark curiosity, engage the senses, and put you at the center of the experience.

Latin America´s most advanced planetarium

Our planetarium will showcase the latest in LED dome theater technology. The audiovisual quality of our space will blur the lines between reality and fiction.

A small preview:

A small preview:

MuCi will also have:

Astronomical Observatory



Workshops and events

Permanent and “special” exhibits


One with

MuCi is seeking its future home. We are evaluating potential locations, prioritizing spaces that are closely connected with nature. Our commitment is to design a leading-edge building that integrates harmoniously with its natural surroundings. 

We propose a building of roughly 120,000 square feet, based on “kuláta jovái”, Paraguay´s vernacular architecture.

Research, studies and documents

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MuCi Launch Event

On April 29th, 2022 we unveiled our project to the public. Here are some highlights:

Del sueño a la realidad: el viaje del MuCi - Dave Peery
Del sueño a la realidad: el viaje del MuCi - Dave Peery
Imaginemos un parque - Luis Ayala
Imaginemos un parque - Luis Ayala
La ciencia nos hace libres - Andrea Weiler
La ciencia nos hace libres - Andrea Weiler

Awakening of Knowledge Series

Key actors from relevant backgrounds share their unique perspectives on how a project like MuCi will affect Paraguayan society.

1/7 videos
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 1
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 1
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 2
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 2
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 3
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 3
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 4
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 4
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 5
El Despertar del Conocimiento - Ep. 5
El despertar del conocimiento: Abuelos y nietos - Wilma e Iván
El despertar del conocimiento: Abuelos y nietos - Wilma e Iván
El despertar del conocimiento: Abuelos y nietos - Tato y Facu
El despertar del conocimiento: Abuelos y nietos - Tato y Facu

Activities and events

Exhibición "Superbacterias, la batalla de nuestras vidas"
En curso
desde inicios de septiembre a finales de diciembre del 2023
Martes, miércoles y jueves: 10:00 a 17:00 hs. Viernes: 15:00 a 21:00. Sábado y domingo de 10:00 a 20:00
Tatakualab, un espacio MuCi (Complejo Textilia)
Exhibición - El Niño y la Niña: Historias Superpuestas
Del 1 de marzo al 30 de julio del 2023
Martes y miércoles: 10:00 a 16:30 hs. Jueves y viernes: 15:00 a 20.30. Sábado y domingo de 10:00 a 19.30
Tatakualab, un espacio MuCi (Complejo Textilia)
Exhibición "3D: Imprimiendo el futuro"
Del 19 de noviembre del 2022 al 1 de marzo del 2023
Martes a viernes: 15:00 a 21:00. Sábados y domingo: 10:00 a 20:00
Tatakualab, un espacio MuCi (Complejo Textilia)
Tigo Campus Party 2022
26, 27 y 28 de agosto
De 9:00 a 19:00 hs
Centro de Convenciones de CONMEBOL
Fiesta de los Niños
14 de agosto
13:00 hs
Plaza Uruguaya
Los Museos se Muestran
14 de mayo
De 9 a 22 hs
Manzana de la Rivera

MuCi's Blog

Contributors include scientists, artists, researchers and friends, sharing their views and expertise with the MuCi community. (Posts are written in Spanish)

Conocé San Cosmos, el primer planetario digital de la mano de MuCi

12 de March, 2024

Todo lo que necesitás saber sobre Chake Bicho, la nueva exhibición de MuCi en el TatakuaLab

12 de March, 2024

Preguntas frecuentes sobre MuCi, el futuro Museo de Ciencias en Paraguay

12 de March, 2024

Drop by to visit! - Textilia Complex

Tatakua Lab

A place for us to prototype, fabricate, experiment and inspire. Join us in creating the future, with your own two hands! We are waiting for you!

If you still have questions,
this is your section

MuCi is Paraguay’s future interactive science museum and planetarium. Our invitation is to awaken your curiosity with immersive and interactive science experiences.

Right now we are analyzing possible sites for our permanent museum location. We are working with architects, museum experts and urban planners to evaluate the feasibility of each site, particularly as it relates to environmental and social factors. We are considering sites in and around Asunción, Paraguay’s capital city.

Also, we have opened our first MuCi space: the TatakuaLab in Asunción; where you can come visit and check out “Superbugs, the fight for our lives”, our second exhibit in collaboration with the Science Museum of London. For more info and schedules, please click here.

We are also actively sharing our initiative with key actors and organizations interested in the sciences and the environment. If you would like to watch the talks from our first event, please click here. If you would like to meet with us to share concerns, doubts or ideas for the project, do write to us!

We are looking for the donation or purchase of a property that meets the needs of the project. Once every proposal is analyzed and the site is confirmed, we will need a year for project design and two years for construction.

We propose a building based on Paraguay’s vernacular architecture, kuláta jovái, with a footprint of 120,000 square ft in multiple levels. Ideal property range from 7 to 12 acres. See the first proposal by our architect Luis Ayala here.

Unlike other museums where the main activity is to observe, read and contemplate, in our museum you can also play, touch and experiment!

Yes! MuCi will be for everyone. Our experiences will be designed with something for every age group.

The initiative is driven by the Peery Foundation, a private family foundation based in California. Together with a group of businesspeople, artists and Paraguayan scientists, we are building MuCi together! 

After living some years in Paraguay, Dave Peery, current president of Peery Foundation and MuCi´s cofounder, holds a deep affection for the country and its people. 

Inspired by that affection, he has supported Paraguay’s most promising people and ideas with philanthropy, investment and scholarships since 2004. While collaborating with fellow philanthropist, Diane Espinoza, the idea to build a modern, world-class museum in Paraguay was born.

As previously shared, the building will be designed and constructed by Paraguayan architect, and MuCi co-founder, Luis Ayala. Museum exhibitions will be locally designed with public participation and the assistance of Mexican museologist Ricardo Rubiales. 

If you want to be a part of this project, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The MuCi Foundation is comprised of Dave Peery, Diane Espinoza, Antonio Espinoza, Susan Espinoza, Luis Ayala and Bruno Defelippe.

Luis Ayala was called because he is a young Paraguayan architect, specializing in highly complex projects, having designed more than 20 educational institutions in the US, Paraguay, Canada, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia. Luis has been the recipient of the Young Architects Award by the American Institute of Architects for his trajectory and professional contributions.

You can learn more about Luis and his experience here.

The museum will be financed with American and Paraguayan philanthropic capital. The funds to build and open the museum have already been committed. We will also create an endowment that will provide annual income, covering a percentage of the yearly budget. There will also be revenue from tickets, memberships and events.

We will also receive donations from citizens and companies with the intention of collaborating with MuCi’s mission and purpose.

Yes, but the price will be affordable and fair for what you will experience at the museum. It will offer memberships to be paid monthly or annually that will allow you to go back as many times as you want. We will also offer a free entrance day a week for all!

National and city government, along with the relevant government ministries and authorities will be key allies for MuCi´s execution. While we don´t require financing from any of these parties, we seek to benefit from their respective fields of expertise: education, science and sechnology, astronomy, the environment, culture, childhood and adolescence, customs, among others. 

For this, we are actively meeting and talking with ministers, secretaries and other government actors. We have received several Declarations of Interest, you can see them here.

MuCi Team

Paola Martínez

Executive Director

Lucía Callizo


Mateo Acosta

Exhibitions and programming / Tatakualab

Rodrigo Ríos

Exhibitions and programming / Astronomy

Gonzalo Recalde

Project Manager / Communications

Vanessa Penayo

Office Manager AND MEDS

Leticia Galván


Laura Acosta

Tatakuashop / GIFTSHOP

Fayri Mendoza


MuCi's Board of Directors

Dave Peery

Diane Espinoza

Susan Espinoza

Antonio Espinoza

Luis Ayala


Social and environmental feasibility study regarding MuCi´s proposed implantation in Asuncion’s Botanical Gardens.

Urbanistic evaluation of potential sites for MuCi’s establishment in Asunción.

Legal services and legal consultancy

Museographic counsel

Ricardo Rubiales

MuCi is for everyone!

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